BRU Maker One

Teemaschine - Black/Chrome - Type CH

BRU Maker One

Teemaschine - Black/Chrome - Type CH


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Your favourite tea at the touch of a button, without capsules.
Item no 112906
EAN code 7649991129067
Garantie 2 Jahre Garantie


Would you like to brew your favourite tea at the touch of a button? This is now possible with the tea machine from BRU. Simply insert your favourite tea into the machine, select parameters such as brewing time, water temperature and water quantity individually or from the preset brewing programmes, press the button and off you go. Immediately, hot water flows into the brewing chamber and the tea is brewed fully automatically, served and cleaned after each draw. By using a very efficient flow heater, only as much water is heated as is needed for the tea or hot water. This not only saves energy, but also time and makes tea preparation more environmentally friendly compared to conventional kettles.


Tea at the touch of a button, without capsules

Works with any type of tea, loose or in a bag

Tea maker and hot water dispenser in one

Individual brewing programmes freely adjustable

Simple and efficient tea preparation

Patented, automatic cleaning system

Saves time and energy compared to conventional tea preparation


Removable brew chamber Glass, dishwasher proof
Gewicht netto 3 kg
Gewicht brutto 4.39 kg
Ausstattung + Funktionen
Capacity water tank 2.7 L
Water tank removable Yes
Drip pan magnetic, removable
Removable tea strainer Stainless steel, dishwasher safe
Colour and design
Color Schwarz
Genaue Farbbezeichnung black/chrome
  • Edelstahl
  • Glas
  • Kunststoff
Temperature setting yes (adjustable in 5° steps)
temperature range 45°C to 100° (MAX)
Brew time 10sec. - 60min. adjustable in steps of 10sec. or 1min.
scalding Adjustable (50-350ml in 50ml increments)
Maximum brewing volume 4 x 350ml (multiple infusion)
Hot water function Yes
Timer function Yes
Digital display Yes
Water filter Optional (standard filter CA6702 can be used)
Leistungsaufnahme 2200 W
Eingangsspannung 230V
Steckertyp T13
Lieferumfang Teemaschine BRU Maker ONE Bed. Anleitung D/F/I/E Rezeptbrochüre für Tee's Wassertank 3l Wasserstandmesser Feinmaschiges Edelstahlsieb für Rechts- sowie Linkshänder Edelstahldeckel Borosilikat Glas Reset Pin
Breite 145 mm
Höhe 340 mm
Tiefe 325 mm
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