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BRU Maker One

the smart tea machine

The BRU Maker One offers the convenience of a capsule machine and is also a tea bag and leaf tea maker, so you're not tied to a particular brand of capsule. Made by tea lovers for tea lovers.

Reading time: 4 min. | Author: Sultan Kuljici, Product Manager

Designed & Developed in Switzerland

BRU, a pioneering start-up founded in 2019 and based in Switzerland, offers the convenience of a capsule machine with the BRU Maker One, which is also a tea bag and leaf tea maker, so you're not tied to a specific capsule brand. Made by tea lovers for tea lovers.


The BRU Maker One is not just a tea maker. It is also an idea of how tea making should be. BRU has made it their mission to provide the best experience for making and drinking tea. True to its own motto "Convenience in Perfection".

Named after the South African slang for friends, BRU is the absolute best tea maker out there. It's fast, easy and allows you to use any tea to make a cup of tea to your taste.

White BRU Tea Maker
At the same time a tea bag and leaf tea maker

Tea making made easy

If you like good tea but don't have the time, skill or concentration to make it, the BRU tea maker is for you. The BRU Maker One takes the guesswork out of tea preparation so you can enjoy the best tasting tea cup after cup.

  1. Add tea leaves (or a tea bag) and water
  2. Place a cup under the water spout
  3. Choose your favourite tea and start brewing with the touch of a button
  4. When the brewing time is up, enjoy your delicious cup of tea

In just a few steps, you can prepare any type of tea or infusion at the touch of a button and work with tea bags, loose leaf tea, fresh herbs or fruit. There are almost no limits to your creation.

Black BRU tea maker. Looser leaf tea is added
Add tea leaves (or a tea bag) - so simple!

Works with any brand of tea

Use any type of tea: While some tea makers require tea capsules, the BRU Maker One works as a tea maker that uses both tea bags and loose leaf tea. It also works with any brand of tea.

Timer function: Do you want to wake up with a freshly brewed cup of tea? Or brew tea later in the day? With the timer function, you can set the brewing time whenever you want, and the tea maker will brew your tea at that time.

Brew multiple amounts of tea at once: The BRU Maker One can brew more than just one cup of tea at a time. The multi-step function brews several teas in succession, so you can brew larger quantities of tea or enjoy several brews of the same tea.


The BRU Maker One heats only the amount of water needed for each cup of tea, at the temperature you choose - a smart solution that conserves our resources.

  • Tea at the touch of a button
  • Patented automatic cleaning system.Use any tea you like. No restrictions on the choice of tea
  • Tea maker and hot water dispenser in one. No additional appliance in the kitchen

BRU Maker One combines all the advantages of the existing solutions and creates the ultimate tea maker.

My favourite tea in this cold season is Ceylon tea. This is because it is usually already slightly spicy by itself. I add a little ginger and cinnamon and have a wonderfully warming power pack. My perfect morning ritual. Try it out for yourself.

There's no better time than today to start making the perfect tea. So join in and improve your tea making with the BRU Maker One.
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