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The Sevens & The Nines

The Klipsch Heritage Wireless speaker series combines the acoustics and classic design heritage of Paul W. Klipsch with the latest technologies and luxurious materials such as real wood veneer and premium metal controls. Designed by proud craftsmen in Indianapolis, USA.

Reading time: 4 min. | Author: Ugo Kratter, Product Manager

The classic design legacy of Paul W. Klipsch

Even though it has been some time since the American manufacturer Klipsch renewed its range of active hi-fi speakers, it is important to remember that it was one of the pioneers in this segment. Indeed, Klipsch speakers have been known for years for their ability to offer faithful reproduction at an affordable price.

Now Klipsch is introducing two top models at once. Let's discover together the outstanding The Sevens and the new flagship The Nines! Klipsch's wireless speakers The Sevens and The Nines are a heritage wireless speaker series that complement the already award-winning The Fives.

From the end of January 2023, both models The Sevens and The Nines will be available in the colours walnut and Ebony black.

First-class wireless speakers for every room

With luxurious materials such as real wood veneer and tactile spun copper switches and knobs, the Klipsch Heritage Wireless Series combines the acoustics and classic design heritage of Paul W. Klipsch with the latest technologies available today.

Heritage wireless speakers look like a classic audio device, but inside they offer the ability to connect you to your most advanced electronics. The speakers look as good as they sound, with a design that's as eye-catching as the performance is ear-grabbing.

2 speakers in walnut colour
The Sevens - the versatile one for TV and music
2 speakers in black
The Nines - for room-filling sound

True high fidelity - no receiver required

The Nines and The Sevens promise room-filling sound thanks to a built-in bi-amplifier specifically designed to maximise power and sound quality. They also feature 192 kHz/24-bit decoding and a range of connectivity options, including HDMI-ARC for your TV and a built-in phono preamp for a turntable.


The Sevens and The Nines active speakers feature a two-band design with separate amplification per band and are equipped with an inch titanium tweeter in the proprietary Tractrix horn.

The powered speakers are compatible with the Klipsch Connect app, which gives users access to custom EQ and subwoofer volume settings, dynamic bass, a night listening mode, over-the-air firmware upgrades, a digital quick start guide and much more.

Every new loudspeaker bearing the Klipsch logo is proudly designed and developed at the global headquarters in Indianapolis. An enthusiastic team of engineers and product managers puts their heart and soul into each and every Klipsch product.

Klipsch Heritage Logo

Klipsch The Sevens

What Klipsch started some time ago with the Klipsch The Fives and proved to be extremely successful, is now continued with the Klipsch The Sevens speakers. The junior model The Sevens is equipped with a speaker diameter of 6.5 inches and a swinging amplifier with an output of 80 watts. The sound pressure can reach up to 112 dB. One speaker has the dimensions of 272 x 403 x 203 mm (W x H x D).

With the Klipsch Heritage Series The Sevens, Klipsch offers a pair of active speakers that are characterised by solid interface features, the typical Klipsch sound and, last but not least, the very appealing design.

The Sevens - the active speaker set with versatile applications.



Klipsch The Nines

The new Klipsch The Nines Powered Bluetooth Speakers are the largest active speakers from Klipsch to date. In the larger The Nines model, the tweeter driver is complemented by a long-throw, 8-inch diameter composite cone driver that uses a phase-inverted acoustic design. The amplifiers operate in Class D and develop 30 watts for the tweeter and 100 watts for the woofer driver. The Nines has an operating range of 40 Hz to 25 kHz, up to 115 dB SPL, and a single speaker measures 337 x 480 x 240 mm (W x H x D).

HDMI, USB, an optical S/PDIF interface, analogue inputs including phono preamplifier and of course Bluetooth provide flexibility.

The Nines - the most versatile speakers there are.

Brown loudspeaker from top view
The Nines in walnut-wood finish

Highly versatile

The active speakers are very easy to operate via two rotary dials for source selection and volume.

With their real wood finishes, durable metal textures and breakthrough acoustic clarity, Heritage wireless speakers offer the ultimate listening experience made to last.

We designed Heritage Wireless to deliver excellent sound in a super cool package that draws on our rich history of timeless design and quality materials - with modern acoustics and killer features. Plug these bad boys in and get the party started.
Steve Jain, Klipsch VP & GM
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