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Sonoro: Maestro Quantum


Three models are available to ensure optimum sound quality and provide everything you need for first-class room correction. Discover the world of Sounds-Clever solutions and find out how the MAESTRO QUANTUM can take your listening experience to the next level.

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Sounds-Clever solutions

Opt for a combination with Sonoro Orchestra speakers in the same design language and customised audio tuning. The MAESTRO QUANTUM menu already features optimised EQ presets for the sonoro speakers:

  • Grand Orchestra
  • Orchestra
  • Orchestra (Gen. 2)
  • Orchestra SLIM

The speakers only have the advantage of additional Dynamic Bass EQ presets when sonoro Orchestra is selected.

The Dynamic Bass function boosts low frequencies (where present) in the low and medium volume range. This allows individual frequencies to be boosted by up to +10dB.

Das neue Sonoro Audiosystem Maestro Quantum auf einer Holzkommode
Mikrofon für Sonoro Quantum

Advanced room correction technology with Dirac Live


Dirac Live analyses the acoustic properties of your room and modulates the sound accordingly to ensure precise and balanced sound reproduction.

The MAESTRO Quantum HiFi Internet receiver has an integrated licence (20 Hz to 500 Hz) for Dirac room correction, which is normally subject to a fee. A Dirac-compatible microphone is required for the calibration. The microphone is not included as a regular accessory, but can be purchased as an option.

Download the app

The Dirac Live room correction app runs on all iPhones and iPads.

Dirac is still developing the app for Android users, with the release date not yet confirmed.

Individual equaliser settings

With the extensive range of EQ settings, the sound can be tailored to personal taste.

  • Adaptive Loudness:
    Depending on the volume, the function compensates for an uneven tonal balance in the lower frequency range. Soft tones are clearly audible even when the volume is low.
  • Bass and treble separately from -12 dB to + 12 dB 
  • Balance from -6 dB (left) to -6 dB (right)
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